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25 May 2011
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03 May 2011
SHEEP trapped on a perilous cliff-face have been saved by rescue teams.
SHEEP trapped on a perilous cliff-face for over a week have been saved by rescue teams...

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Ritchies Training Centre is the leading centre in the UK for driver training and construction plant operator training
The Future of tactical footwear
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Working With Others

  H.A.R.T. is a volunteer rescue service, specialising in high access rescue in urban areas.  We are a charitable organisation and like you we are always looking for new ideas to raise funds for our charity.

The High Access Rescue Team take pride in helping others, we have helped to raise over £200k over the past years to benefit such Charities as, The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Cancer Research, Breakthrough Breast cancer, Enable, The St Andrews Ambulance Association and for many of the other local charities based in Glasgow & surrounding areas.

Here’s where we can work together to our mutual benefit, one of the many ways the High Access Rescue Team can help you raise funds for your chosen charity by organising abseiling jumps – we provide the location, the technical expertise, training and equipment.  All you need is people who are willing to be sponsored to abseil for your charity.  In return for organising the technical side of the abseiling, we would be looking for a donation.

 We provide a free rescue service and rely on donations to ensure that our equipment and training is up to date and to the highest standards.

 If you are interested in fund raising opportunities, please get in touch with the team.
 SHEEP trapped on a perilous cliff-face for over a week have been saved by rescue teams.  Read more:

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