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25 May 2011
Defect :: ABSORBICA energy absorbers Concerns
REQUEST FOR IMMEDIATE SELF-INSPECTION for all ABSORBICA energy absorbers Concerns all ABSORBICA energy...

03 May 2011
SHEEP trapped on a perilous cliff-face have been saved by rescue teams.
SHEEP trapped on a perilous cliff-face for over a week have been saved by rescue teams...

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Ritchies Training Centre is the leading centre in the UK for driver training and construction plant operator training
The Future of tactical footwear
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Sponsorship Needed:
We are also looking for corporate sponsorship from any company who could assist H.A.R.T. to meet our ambitious targets, but we realise that many organisations have restricted funds for sponsorship activities. We know that you need to justify your costs, and we feel that we can develop an appropriate strategy to ensure that you receive sufficient PR coverage. For this partnership to work it must be mutually beneficial.
Equipment Required   


Sit and chest harnesses Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland (Link below)                   

Petzl ID (Decenders) Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland

Petzl Asap,s Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland

Hard hats (Abseiling) Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland

Rescue Tripod x 1 Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland

Rescue Stretcher Alpine Lite x 1 Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland

100m 10.5 semi static abseil rope + Bags Confirmed Spanset (link below)

50m 10.5 semi static abseil rope + Bags

Gri Gri (Decender)

Latchway safety system (vertical ladder & crane jib)

Overalls (Similar to paramedics but in blue)

Safety Boots (Magnum Hi-Tec) Confirmed Magnum Hi-Tec (link below)

Abseil Gloves

Wet weather clothing

Head Torches

Chest Crolls (Ascenders) Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland

Hand Jammers (Ascenders) Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland

Connectors (Carabineers) Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland

Equipment bags Confirmed Awards for All - Scotland

Radios Confirmed 11 sets Call Systems Technology (link below)

Medical equipment and bags

Full size rescue mannequin

Two way radios help HART climb Everest – in Glasgow

Kirisun radios from CST provide back-up for safety crew at abseiling event raising funds for wounded British servicemen and women
      Nicola McLean Chatting to Safety Crew
Organizer Donald Ritchie contacted UK communications specialist Call-Systems Technology (CST) to ask for their help.  CST supplied eleven Kirisun PT558 radios and 22 batteries, to ensure that however heavy their usage, there would always be live radios to hand. "Working through the night in such a potentially hazardous event meant we really needed to be able to rely on the radios," says Donald Ritchie.  "We already use Kirisun radios, so we know how good they are in a crisis.
As for the radios, they performed admirably, too.  "They're rugged and reliable, which they have to be in our job," says Donald Ritchie.  "They really are tremendous, with a really clear signal and excellent battery life." 

Awards for All, Scotland

Awards for All Scotland puts lottery money back into local communities by giving grants of between £500 and £10,000. We fund projects that improve opportunities for people to take part in arts, sport and community activities and can fund a wide range of organisations.

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